The first thirty to forty-five minutes of the service, mostly arranged as the corporate singing portion of a worship experience, is arguably the most controversial topic in Christian ministry. Not controversial based upon theology or biblical principles. Not even controversial based on anything of deep meaning or importance. Rather, we have developed opinions of church music ministries based on our preferences.

When you listen to music on your commute to and from work and school, or while taking your child to soccer practice, what do you listen to? You don’t turn the radio to a random station and keep it…

Sunday morning corporate worship under the direction of former worship pastor, Travis Blye at Longview Point Baptist Church in Hernando, MS.

Worship leaders — take a moment and imagine this. It’s 7:00 am on a Sunday morning. You’re wrapping up your first cup of coffee as you prepare for your team to arrive for sound check. One by one they trickle in. Instrumentalists are setting up for a line check, vocalists are sipping on their hot tea, the media team is getting situated in the booth, and the choir members are gathering in the loft. Finally, your drummer comes running in last minute looking as though his morning has not started off in his favor (there’s always one).

You ask your…

Jesus — the most obvious object of worship. Every week, our worship is directed towards the One who died on the cross to bring us salvation. It only makes complete sense that Jesus is worthy of our worship. But what about the Trinity? The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Should our worship be directed solely towards Christ, or should we express worship towards the Godhead three-in-one?

The question in discussion is “how does Trinitarian theology shape Christian worship?” We should honestly be asking the question, “does Trinitarian worship even exist among our churches?” At first glance and speculation, I would…

Why should worship leaders know and study theology? One may wonder why a question like this should even be asked. It seems pretty obvious, right? If it doesn’t, it should, and here is why.

Worship leaders are tasked with a great responsibility every week. They have the privilege of leading a group of people in something we are commanded by Scripture to do — SING! During a job interview, the pastor on the search team asked me, “what is your primary responsibility as a worship leader?” I of course came up with what seemed like an eloquent answer — it…

Steven Hodge

Christ-follower, Husband to Megan, Worship Pastor at Longview Point Baptist Church.

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