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  • Kaye B Hanna

    Kaye B Hanna

  • Jeremi Richardson

    Jeremi Richardson

    Husband to Amy | Dad to Ariah, Shalom, and Noa | Worship Pastor Cherry Hills Community Church | Studio Vocalist and former member of CCM group, Avalon.

  • Joe Cuyar

    Joe Cuyar

    Worship & Creative Pastor at Renovation Church and Director of Worship Cooperative

  • David Toledo

    David Toledo

    Director of Worship Studies at California Baptist University; Husband to Lindsey; Dad to 4 Awesome Kids; Lover of God, Music, and LSU

  • Eric Beechem

    Eric Beechem

    I'm the worship pastor at Highland Park Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas. I'm pursuing a Master of Arts in Worship at California Baptist University.

  • Debbie LeVerne

    Debbie LeVerne

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